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"The Faithful Sisters"

The bond of Phi Mu is built on sisterhood. As Zeta Eta, we support ourselves and our fellow sisters by holding each other accountable when times get tough, but also remembering to uplift and cheer for each other each and every day.

As a chapter, we continue to strengthen our bond through a variety of events and activities. These can range from our Sisterhood Retreats each semester, or simply spending time with one another in the suite. Some of our member's favorite past sisterhood events include:

  • Big / Little Reveal

  • Sporting Events

  • Concerts

  • Yoga Classes in the Suite

  • Ice Skating

  • Leadership Trips

  • ​Greek Chapter Exchanges

  • Making Flower Bouquets

  • New Member Retreats

  • Studying Abroad

  • Date Parties

  • Going to Formal

Keep up with our sisterhood through our Instagram!

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