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Fall 2023 Recruitment

Dear Potential New Members...

My name is Carly Doyle and I am the Membership Director of Phi Mu, Zeta Eta. I am honored and excited to serve Phi Mu in this role. It is so exciting that in just a short time, we will be participating in formal recruitment and opening the doors of our chapter to meet each of you. We are so excited to share how our chapter has impacted our lives and our college experiences over the years of being on our campus. 


My time in Phi Mu has given me memories, laughs, and friendships; as well as leadership opportunities and a strong support system. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be part of such a strong and ever-changing community. I value the diverse women I see within our chapter and how this allows each of us to learn new things each and every day.  Phi Mu has provided me with opportunities I would not have gotten anywhere else. Looking back over my college years, I am so happy I ran home to Phi Mu on bid day, and I hope you soon find yourself in the same unforgettable experience within Greek Life. 


Over the years I have spent in Phi Mu, I have learned lessons about myself and others I had never thought possible. We have all found a comfortable place to step out of our comfort zones and build our confidence together. Together, we have formed a sisterhood to bond over our chapter’s three values: Love, Honor, and Truth. Without Phi Mu, we wouldn’t have found women to love and support us through everything, hold us to a higher standard in order to better ourselves, and be the friends we never knew we needed. 


I am confident to say I have met my best friends in this chapter, which makes me so excited to welcome you all into our Greek Life community on campus. The women of Phi Mu are so excited to support you in your journal very soon, and we can not wait for each of you to walk through the doors of Phi Mu and experience what makes our sisterhood so special. 


See you all very soon, 


Carly Doyle, PC '20

Fall Recruitment Registration:

Registration Closes:
September 6th

Formal Recruitment:
September 7th - 16th

Bid Day:
September 17th

*As of Fall 2021, Phi Mu Fraternity no longer accepts member recommendations. More information can be found here.

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