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Fall 2022
Recruitment Information

To register for recruitment this fall use this link!
For questions about recruitment go to the BeGreek website to find more information.



Dear Potential New Members of Phi Mu,


My name is Katherine Mueller and I am the Membership Director for Phi Mu-Zeta Eta.  I am honored and excited to serve Phi Mu and participate in the recruitment process that will open new doors for you and give you an idea of how impactful Phi Mu has been in the lives and college experience of so many women.  My time in Phi Mu has given me countless laughs, memories, and friendships I will treasure for the rest of my life.  The opportunities provided by Phi Mu to serve others as well as grow in personal, academic, and professional pursuits are experiences I will always be glad I had the support of my sisters for.


I have learned many lessons about myself and connecting with others through women who embody the three values our sisterhood stands for: Love, Honor, and Truth.  Without Phi Mu, I wouldn’t have met women who love and support me unconditionally, are honorable in all their endeavors, and hold me to a higher standard; to live my life with joy and truth.  My lifelong best friends were brought to me by Phi Mu, and I know without a doubt that choosing to join Phi Mu was one of the best decisions of my life.  I am so excited to support you through this journey and watch you grow throughout this process.


Greek Life gives you opportunities to be yourself in and grow as a person in an inclusive community and opens doors to new opportunities.  The women of Phi Mu are so excited to see you walk through the doors of Phi Mu and learn about what makes our sisterhood so special.


Katherine Mueller 



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