MEET THE 2020 


Suz Corso President

Hometown: Winfield, IL

Year in School: Senior

Majors: Accounting & Entrepreneurial Management 

Minor: Sociology of Law, Crime, & Deviance

Fun Fact: I'm a classically trained pianist

 Sydney Bagley VP of Committees

Hometown: West St. Paul, MN

Year in School: Senior

Major: Sociology of Law, Crime, and Deviance

Minor: Political Science

Fun Fact: During my freshman year of college, I  waited in line for 10 hours to meet Buddy from Cake Boss

Erin Carley Phi Director

Hometown: Mequon, WI

Year in School: Junior

Major: Marketing

Minor: Interdisciplinary Design (focused on Graphic Design)

Fun Fact: I  can play three instruments

Katherine Mueller

Membership Director

Hometown: Stevens Point, WI

Year in School: Senior

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Fun Fact: I  can say my ABCs backwards in under 3 seconds!

Madi McKay Social Chair

Hometown: Frankfort, IL

Year in School: Senior

Major: Interior Design & Marketing

Fun Fact:  I went skydiving for my 18th birthday.

Megan Moran Academic Chair

Hometown: Lockport, IL

Year in School: Senior

Major: Kinesiology 

Fun Fact: I've been to over 30 concerts

Sydney Orlowsky

Sisterhood Development Chair

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL

Year in School: Junior

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Family Social Science

Fun Fact: I have three siblings 

 Jo-Ann La Treasurer

Hometown: Austin, MN

Year in School: Junior

Major: Accounting

Minors: International Business & Strategic Management 

Fun Fact: I love trying new cuisines of food!

Molly Sedin Panhellenic Delegate

Hometown: Glenview, IL

Year in School: Junior

Major: Human Physiology

Minor: Spanish

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik's Cube

Jessica Gordon VP of Chapter Development

Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Year in School: Junior

Major: Strategic Communications

Minor: Psychology

Fun Fact: I want to see the 7 wonders of the world

Kiara Dahmus Philanthropy Chair

Hometown: Bismarck, ND

Year in School: Senior

Major: Retail Merchandising  

Fun Fact: My ultimate goal in life is to go on Family Feud with my family so I can meet my idol, Steve Harvey!

Lauren Bogart

Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention

Hometown: Rosemount, MN

Year in School: Senior

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I've been on a three hour track into a jungle in Thailand, on an elephant's back, and had the opportunity to bathe with them in a river after

Anna Zeltinger Secretary

Hometown: Brooklyn Park, MN

Year in School: Senior

Major: Nutrition 

Minor: Public Health

Fun Fact: I have always wanted to travel to Italy, and I am hoping I  will finally get to go this summer while studying abroad